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Laundry was never washing and drying but an art of rejuvenating clothes for they represent your personality”, says your dhobi, maid or laundry man. We are no different in defining it. But, work wise, we are a quality driven and standardized laundry and dry cleaning service provider catering to all of your laundry needs.

Reviews from our Customers.

"As majority of the home makers, management of laundry used to be ‘the task’ for me. Having experienced various laundry service providers, I believe the standardized and quality driven service of DhoDaalo has reduced a great burden of the everyday routine."

Santira Devi

- Home Maker

"For me, DhoDaalo is life – saving. I love my clothes and find it really hard to believe on a laundry service provider. But, DhoDaalo has certainly managed to bring that trust factor for me and I am very happy with their services."

Atul Hirani

- Small Business Owner

"Work commitments usually make it cumbersome to manage each and every household task. Thanks to DhoDaalo that I have a partner who takes care of my laundry needs and handles my clothes professionally."

Siddhant Malhotra

- Corporate Job Employee

"I would say DhoDaalo has made me forget one of the reasons to miss my mother and that is laundry. They are extremely convenient and bring back clothes as if they are brand new. I can totally rely upon their economical services for my clothing needs."

Diksha Sharma

- Student


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